Our Story

Not your average repair shop

With a studio based Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics, I am not your average technician.  Driven by a love of machines, simple and complex, since a very early age, I have always enjoyed the creative process...  Taking something apart, seeing how it works, and putting it back together.  When I first started turning wrenches, I didn't learn my trade from a technical program.  Instead, I served as an apprentice under veteran mechanics who had been practicing the trade for many years before I was born.  All of these guys carried the essence of "old school cool", and many were air-cooled VW mechanics starting in the early '60s.  Since those early days, I have attended a number of training programs to enhance my knowledge of modern vehicles, and spent five years in the dealer network for VW/Audi, becoming a Factory Certified Expert Level VW Technician, and a Certified Master Level Audi Technician.  

Now, having worked for the dealer, and many years in the independent shops, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that I could do it better...  

Automotive Artifex offers QUALITY repairs, HONEST and FRIENDLY service.  All at an AFFORDABLE price, using the BEST parts available, typically either OEM or OEQ...  (Original Equipment Manufacturer/ Original Equipment Quality).  

 Come and see the difference, and experience a level of quality service often missing in today's world.  

I think you'll like what you see.