The Fiberglass Dune Buggy Connection

In 1964, Bruce Meyers decided that he had seen enough of those crude, homemade water pumper dune buggies running around on the dunes in Southern California and took it upon himself to make his own.  It needed to be something functional, fun to drive, and possess the aesthetic values that only an artist could contribute.  Leaning on his extensive experience that he gained from the fiberglass boat industry, he created the very first fiberglass dune buggy, which would carry the name "Meyers Manx".  Soon, he would simplify his design and use a shortened VW Beetle pan for the base of the layout (the drivetrain and suspension were already being used)...  The design caught on, and some 250,000 or more copies, clones, and knock-offs of all types were made.  But, there is only one TRUE original which led to their creation...  That which bears the name "MEYERS MANX".

Automotive Artifex is extremely proud to be a recommended builder for Meyers Manx Inc, of Valley Center, California.  American Made Body kits and a full line of accessories.  All from the company that started the idea, more than 50 years ago.

For information about Meyers Manx, their history, and products that they offer, please feel free to check them out at:

Whether you are building a brand new, from the ground up buggy project, or restoring an original fiberglass buggy, Buggies are Rick's true passion, that perfect blend of his technical and artistic sides, and we would love to help you make your dream a reality.